About Lisa Vaughan

LisaVaughanUnderUmbrella4aAs a lifelong intuitive and energy healing facilitator, Lisa discovered Reiki through her association with exotic bird rehabilitation and fostering. Now, Lisa is directed to continue her journey as healer and teacher, by sharing Reiki with all who seek her out: Adults, Children, and Creatures of Fur, Feathers, and Scales.

A Little Backstory:
Part of Lisa’s initial career path incorporated sharing her talent for ice skating with coaching children, youth, teens, and adults. As a Professional Figure Skating Instructor, PSA, USFS, and ISI Member, Lisa coached children of all abilities; including those with learning, hearing, emotional, and physical challenges. Lisa also read books on-air as volunteer for Radio Reading Network, a radio station for sight-impaired persons. This fed her soul.

Additionally, Lisa invested 30 years in the financial world of banking, initially as a consumer lender, then as a small business lender, helping entrepreneurs start a business, acquire an existing business, or expand their current business. Banks came and went, but throughout the years of teaching and banking, Lisa’s mission was this: To help people realize their dreams.  Although banking provided financially, Lisa never felt she was realizing her own dreams.

During one particular bank downsizing, Lisa worked with Dale Carnegie Training. In six short months, Lisa became Certified in both “The Dale Carnegie Course” and “Sales Advantage”. She also helped facilitate courses for “Leadership Training for Managers”, “High Impact Presentations”, and numerous hybrid seminars, before returning to the small business banking field as a Consultant.

As a teenager, Lisa discovered a grand-trine in her Astrological Chart, so she always knew the second half of her life would be when she would realize her life’s intention. But even after years of helping so many, Lisa still questioned what that was.

Bestowed with great spiritual energy, one of the side effects of being an undirected healer, was that when Lisa was stressed, her energy would affect electronics. Elevators have malfunctioned when she got near; cell phones, pagers (remember them?), computers, and wireless equipment have ‘shorted-out’; often all at one time.

Once, during a particularly stressful episode in Lisa’s life, and in exasperation, Lisa threw her hands up into the air and pleaded; “God, if I can break so many things — why can’t I fix them?”

Within weeks, she got her answer.

While attending a parrot rescue organization event, one September weekend, a hurricane was passing through, and the brunt of it seemed to hit right in the middle of this event. A Reiki Master from Nevada was giving a presentation on natural healing methods for parrots, and later holding a class for Reiki One Certification. Lisa hadn’t signed up for the class; although she wanted to take it, she felt she just couldn’t afford it. The Universe works in mysterious ways.

With the wind now escalated to many mph, and rain pounding the area, there was no way Lisa felt safe enough for the long drive back to Baltimore. So, what the heck? Lisa had nowhere to go and signed up, last minute for Reiki I.

She had never heard of Reiki, and really thought it a bit silly, taking the class mainly for fun and to pass time. However, the Universe had plans; Reiki turned out to be a profound experience, and Lisa’s Spirit was awakened from years of repressed slumber.

The class literally changed her life.

There is more to this story (as often happens) and Lisa is happy to share with you, any details you wish to know. What it all means is this: Lisa has a gift to share with the world. And that includes you.

“Thank you for being part of my story.

The best is yet to come.” ~ Lisa

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