Your journey between sleep and wakefulness; a Guided Meditation

In this space of conscious deep sleep and meditative awareness, you may safely explore areas of your life, body, and spirit which seek illumination. Lisa will gently guide you through the layers of your consciousness, while you experience relaxation and perhaps an “Ahhhhh-ha” moment, or three…you never know what hidden gems you might find, from deep within your inner journey, just waiting to be discovered.

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Sometimes, Lisa will integrate Yoga Nidra in with your Reiki Session, or you may wish to explore a full Yoga Nidra Session in private or classroom setting. Please contact Lisa for availability and pricing.

In the meanwhile, please feel free to enjoy the following links:

Here’s a favorite of mine; being a child of the ocean.
Close your eyes, drift to sunny skies, soft white sand, gentle breezes, waves lapping against the shore…

Thank you so very much for embracing the journey that has brought us together, along your path.