Reiki Instruction for Parents

reiki_healing hands with plant sproutParents — do you sometimes feel powerless to help your children, when you are the one who knows most when they need help?

There is nothing more frustrating than to have to take a child to the doctor, and once home, need to rely solely on whatever is prescribed. For parents who wish to be involved in the process of their child’s healing — including physical, developmental, emotional, or spiritual — empower yourself to help the healing process with Reiki.

Reiki can assist with helping guide medication more purely through your child’s system. Reiki healing energy can help soothe your child’s emotional challenges and enhance whatever conventional health program on which you and your child rely.

Please always discuss with your health practitioner using Reiki in conjunction with their recommended course of action.

As beings created from stardust, we humans all have the ability to heal each other. Lisa can show you how to help your children use their own energy through Reiki healing in order to feel better.