Reiki for Children

HeartHandsChildren are wonderfully receptive to Higher Power or Universal Energy, and as such often respond most spectacularly to receiving and giving Reiki.

If your child wishes to explore Reiki for whatever reason, please know that Reiki is safe and non-invasive.

Here are just some suggested reasons for children wanting Reiki:

  • Chronic Illness: To help cope; assimilate medication; hasten healing
  • Emotional challenges: To help with connecting their feelings to Source and Processing them.
  • Developmental or Physical Challenges: To help with relating better to both care management and as Reiki often soothes the child; allowing them to process both internal and external stimuli. Tibetan Singing Bowls may also be used in concert with Reiki, and provide an alignment with a child’s own (intrinsic) resonance.

If your child wishes to learn Reiki, for self-administering or sharing with others, Lisa will work with you to accomplish this; either by coordinating small children-based class or determining if they (such as teenager) wish to join in a regular Reiki class. Suggested age minimum is based on comprehension level: 8 to 9 years old.