Tibetan Singing Bowls

Imagine: Your natural vibes in sync and harmony with the vibrations of bowls used by Tibetan Monks for centuries. Hummmmnn….

Tibetan Monks, Shamans, Gregorian Monks’ Chants, Canters; It seems that from the beginning of time, man has found a connection with the Vibrations of the Universe and Spiritual Healing.

In nature, we see wolves baying in the moonlight; dolphins and whales calling out to each other; and something inside us knows we are not that far removed from our own True Nature. Perhaps we long for connection with our Divine Calling. Maybe something inside you calls out to be reunited with Creation.

“My first Tibetan Singing Bowl beckoned me with haunting song; a melody and harmony I’d long forgotten, and so quickly remembered in the core of my being. When I discovered the bowl had become available on my birthday, I knew. I just knew. Serendipity. And suddenly, I had discovered another mission; to explore my new old tools and learn how to integrate them with my True Intention; that of Healer, Teacher, and Leader.

Since then, I have uncovered the fact that many tools were with me, all along.  My mother used to hang pretty carved glass wind-chimes in our windows every summer, in Massachusetts. I grew up resonating with Universal Vibrations long before discovering these wonderful bowls.

Children with Autism innately know just how to relate to these bowls and respond well; especially when offered in conjunction with a Reiki session.”

Tibetan Singing Bowls and other Acoustical and Vibrational Instruments are available upon request. Sometimes, one will even “request” to come to your healing session! Please feel free to ask Lisa for more information, and you are invited to explore this harmonious with Reiki method.