Animal and Bird Reiki

chi“When I was a little girl, I saw Life in everything; plants and even stones vibrated when I held them in my hands.  I believe children have an innate connection with the Universe, and as we travel our journeys on this planet, we become more attached to it, and forget our attachment to All Life; Universal Life.

Animals, especially non-domestic, seem more in tuned with their Life Force connection with Universal Energy.

Perhaps it’s because I’m becoming more in tuned with my True Nature; I do believe it’s a Life-Long journey and why we are here—in any event; it seems to me that more and more people are looking at Life—all life—as valid, important and worthy of recognition.

Call me a Dreamer;  I believe you are here, viewing this page, for a reason. At the very least, you are curious.  That is great—I’m happy for your curiosity! Maybe you have animals near you; either as pets, live-stock, recreation, or breeding.  Whatever your reason for reading this page, I welcome you and am grateful.

If you are an animal lover and care-giver, you have experienced moments when you know something is wrong, but are not sure what.  When your pet hurts, you hurt with them.

Even as a small child, animals communicated with me, and they seemed to migrate toward me. When I was twelve, I accidentally sat on a pet mouse—not a pleasant sight or experience for either of us. As I held this dying being in my hands, I called upon Life Source to heal my precious pet.  Miraculously, my dying pet revived in my hands, and I was changed forever.  There are so many stories I have to share with you, but this is the one that started me on my journey to becoming Energy Healer with Reiki.

You see, the Universal Life Energy flows through each of usReiki helped me channel this energy, while enabling me to clear away lower, negative energy, in order to be a conduit for pure healing energy.”

As with people, whether your beloved animal suffers pain emotionally, physically, spiritually, or all three, Reiki will help them.


Lisa works with your dog, cat, bird, lizard, turtle, horse, etc. on their own terms.

Peek-A-Boo Receiving Reiki
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 Most Animal Reiki sessions are conducted on site, in the animal’s comfortable environment. A typical session will begin with Lisa communicating with the animal, either verbally or nuanced.  She will initiate Reiki when the animal has given permission and is receptive.  Lisa will sit with them and ‘see’, by scanning with her hands, which area most needs Reiki.  Please know that Reiki will flow to all areas (energy receptors) of your pet, and sometimes it is helpful to know where to concentrate the effort.  Some pets, especially domestic dogs, cats, and hamsters, etc. like to be touched and held. Many do not, and Lisa will remain a respective distance from your animal-in-need.  Reiki healing sessions typically run between one-half to one hour; the shorter duration especially for non-domestic animals—perhaps again, because they are more sensitive to Universal Energy.  Or perhaps domestic animals just really like receiving Reiki and are more used to being handled by people.  Whatever the reason, the Reiki receiving animal will let Lisa know when the session is over.  Lisa respects their decision.


When working with rescue animals and/or those that may have been previously abused, Lisa has found that shorter, closer-spaced sessions are more effective.

Reiki may be desired for pets adjusting to new environments, pre-post surgery situations, helping an animal tolerate medicines, anxiety, as well as beloved pets nearing their end of life on this beautiful planet.

If you think the animal in your care might benefit from receiving Reiki, you are probably right, and Lisa invites you to a free phone, text, or email consultation to explore how she may best serve you and your pet’s needs.

Reiki with a dog experiencing renal failure