Reiki for You

“Reiki Has Its Own Wisdom; and it knows where to go and what to treat.”
— William Lee Rand

Feeling stressed? Wiped Out? Emotionally exhausted?
Do you experience chronic pain and seek relief and/or a way to help your medication work more efficiently?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Or do you not know what’s wrong, but feel you could be better?

Having trouble coping?
Can’t put a finger on it, but you know things aren’t okay?

The tides of time are shifting, and perhaps you’ve been feeling more than once like “Wouldn’t it be nice” to jump off the whirlwind, for just a moment, and catch your breath?

When you are hurting — physically, emotionally, spiritually — it is easy to absorb the negative energy that seems to encompass and violate the very space around us.

Typically, our tendency is to “fix” the pain and move along.  Far too often, we discover the pain returns, again and again; sometimes identically, but frequently in hiding; only to surface in some other manner.

reiki practitioner hands on crown 2Wouldn’t it be nice to actually reach the core of your pain; unblock the walls constructed while journeying this lifetime (or perhaps borne with you, due to unresolved Karma; or perhaps both)?

Pain manifests as a method of getting your attention, to focus on some unresolved issue which you’ve been carrying a long time.

Reiki is a gentle way of helping move the energy that connects you to source; encouraging it’s fluidity, and allowing your body to heal itself from within; the very essence of You.

A typical Reiki Session lasts anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour, and may be accomplished either hands-on; hovering hands or long-distance. Each Reiki Session is customized for your individual needs.

Soft, soothing music may accompany; crystals to assist on vibrational levels; affirmations… these are a few samples of what might join us during a Reiki Energy Healing Session.

Come — Open yourself to healing and begin to explore wholeness and harmony of self — Now.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have the power to not only physically deal with the situations life throws at you; but also the ability to emotionally cleanse and refresh the lower energies that weigh you down? Let’s release those lower energies, and all that doesn’t serve your higher good, through Reiki, while clearing your Chakras; your body’s centers of energetic power.

Lisa will show you ways to energize your connection to the Universe, from whence originates all healing energies.

What to Expect

When you needed comforting as a child, do you remember the soothing touch of your mother’s (or care-giver’s) hand…just where you needed it… for as long as you needed… responding, securing, and safeguarding… making it all go away… feeling important, acknowledged, and nurtured; such a natural response to touch, wouldn’t you say? Reiki, a touch healing system from Japan, employs this natural touch during each encounter with a client. Many hospitals and clinics reference “the healing hands” of Reiki.

The experience of a Reiki session is conducted in a private room of the office you visit, or for site visits, in the comfort of your own home (by request, especially for bed-ridden) or hospital bed. Typically, you will lie upon a massage table, fully clothed, draped respectfully with a sheet or blanket for added warmth and comfort. However, treatments can also be given while you are seated or even standing — whatever is most comfortable for you. The lighting of the room is gentle. There may be music and light aroma in the room that soothes and lulls.

The Reiki practitioner begins with guiding their hands over your body, scanning for areas requiring extra concentration. Then, the practitioner places her/his hands on or near your body in a series of hand positions. These include positions around your head, shoulders, stomach and feet. Other, more specific positions may be used, based on your individual needs. By directly touching upon an energy center (Chakra) or hovering over it, they commence with healing touch. In touching these energy centers, you (the client) receive empowering, healing energy on whatever level is needed for your mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is practiced by transmitting healing energy through the hands of the practitioner to each of your energy centers. Chakras are centers throughout the body that act like lungs, breathing vital energy into our system and distributing it throughout the body along channels known as Nadis. Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel, and this serves to describe the spinning motion that the Chakras employ to draw this energy into your being.

Reiki can be used to alleviate a wide variety of physical and emotional symptoms by activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. A Reiki session typically lasts anywhere from 40-60 minutes.