A Note from Lisa

Thank you for your interest in Reiki, and Energy Healing, in general.  I appreciate you visiting my website and exploring how and if alternative methods of healing your mind, body, and spirit—an (w)holistic approach to taking care of you and yours—resonate with you.

I believe you enter this world with your own special Gifts.  Every person and life has a meaning, and their Gifts are bestowed upon them to assist in this journey, while on this beautiful planet, in this marvelous Milky Way Galaxy, which is but a speck in the Universe.

Oh, but what an integral speck it is! And we—you and I—have a very unique and special purpose while we are here, in physical form, for a blip in time.

When I was a child, my Gifts frightened me.  I did not know others like me, and therefore experienced a great deal of fear and misdirected energy trying to overcome my Gifts.  I did not know or understand their value.

It has taken me a very long time—half my life—to journey back to Who Iam.  I spent decades trying to fit in with corporate America; thirty years in bank lending, in particular.  Being a bit of a workaholic (still trying to find or runaway from myself?), I also explored numerous fields as a side job/s.  Helping people realize their dream (of car; home; business; etc.) fed my soul, while I tried to maintain a moral standing in a field full of those who lost their [personal] way. It took over a dozen painful down-sizings and finally just being ‘let go”, to answer the call of the Universe.

That’s the way it often works.  The Greater Power has your Highest Good at the forefront.  Often, we ignore or mask the nagging call.  Since the Universe won’t give up on you, maybe instead of masking or hiding from the thorn in your side, you should ask what it wants.

I am a Deist who has traveled a spiritual path commencing as Episcopalian (family; loosely), through exploring the world’s various Religions, and at one point becoming Certified Disciple (studies I + II). As a child I always considered G*D to be my parent/s, and these people on Earth were here to raise me and I was to learn from them.

As with many people, my journey on this planet has had many major challenges.  While a teenager, I had one day asked G*D for the wisdom of experiencing most of what happens on this Earth, so when someone relates a personal situation to me, I can reply; “I know” and mean it.  I had no idea how tall an order this was, nor how very painful.

As with Paul; I do know what it means to be in want and to have plenty (Phil 4:12).  And I too, have one or three thorns in my side to bear….as reminder….It is good to remember, sometimes.  I bet you have, too.

At one point, I thought holding my lifeless daughter in my arms meant my times of trial had passed; but that was not to be.  The best lessons are typically the most painful.  We pay attention in class and complete all our homework, in order to pass and not have to re-take, if the lesson is beyond painful to repeat.

It is with this in mind, that I feel compelled to disclose so much of me to you; we all want to pass and I am here to help facilitate that; as teacher, healer, and leader.

As you wander through this website, I ask you to question everything.  If you are new to energy healing, any form of alternative or (w)holistic health care, please read, ask, investigate, and go with your gut instinct; you have them for a reason.  Even seasoned persons aware of the myriad benefits of healing your whole body, mind, and spirit, instead of treating symptoms, should determine what feels right; what resonates with them.

And you will find detractors who seem to only want to smear a practice, for whatever it feeds in their ego.

We are all, after all, damaged goods to some extent.

Then, there are those who so badly want a “cure” for what ails them, they’ll jump on anything that even resembles a promise of healing.  Actually, I think we all may have done this, from time to time.

Seek, welcome, and embrace with a bit of healthy skepticism, before you buy in to a new way of dealing with you. You’ll know what feels right and what doesn’t.

I am so blessed to be traveling this path and learning from you all, as I go.  And I am so very grateful for the opportunity to help you, with yours.  And if, for whatever reason, after you have explored working with me and it just doesn’t resonate with you; that’s okay.  Keep looking. There are many of us out there, just waiting for you to knock on our door.

~I hope to see you soon~

Grace and Peace, Lisa